Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Separation: Day 85

Anna at is having an awesome giveaway for a sweet postcard set called "the little box of i love you". Skip on over and take a gander. Had to work twelve hours today and have to work twelve the rest of the week! Woo Hoo!! The boys are good and my friend called me up tonight and said he was going to go with me to the first away game. That means that I don't have drive two hours by myself and then sit by myself at the football game. He said something about throwing a party afterwards. The afterward I don't know about. It's been a long, long time since I got my drink on. =) Who knows? Might be fun. I seen my wife tonight for about 10 minutes and then cried all the way home. Damn it boy! When does that stop?


  1. I have no idea when it stops but at least you have friends who are supporting you!!!! Have a little fun and GET YOUR DRINK ON!!

  2. have a party.... enjoy life, its better than being miserable!

  3. I agree with Jules... I'm not sure when it all stops, but just know that it's absolutely normal to cry that way. It's infuriating though... I know! Hope you join the party! OXOXO

  4. Regarding your comment on my "Toodles P.S." post:

    That is an UNDERSTANDABLE fear & one I've also felt, but don't WILL.

    I remember a relationship I had in college in which I was quite confident he was The One - it tore me apart & threw me into depression when he broke up with me because I felt that there was no way I would find anyone like him again.

    It turns out, a few years passed, I dated someone else, then ultimately DID find that AGAIN...with my ex-husband. The heartbreak hurts like HELL each time, but I have some AMAZiNG guy friends that give me HOPE that THAT feeling CAN happen again...


  5. Just stopped by to thank you for your comment. It made me laugh.

    Hope you enjoyed the party and feel a little better!