Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The title is true enough. Today is Tuesday. Another eight hour day sitting behind a computer entering data into spread sheets that no one will ever read and then they argue with their validity. Please you give me the numbers I just enter them. I'm just a middleman. I'm just a patsy!! The thing about it is now when the numbers look wrong they just say that I got them from the wrong place. I made some loving from the oven last night that still lingers with me today. I made homemade fajitas. They were incredible. If I do say so myself. Someone had given my sister a  two huge bags of frozen tenders and I cooked them with peppers and onions. Heated up some tortilla shells and shazam instant love!! I also done up some oven roasted potatoes with salt, pepper, butter, parsley, and garlic. They were good enough to make your tongue slap your brains out. I finally get my boys tomorrow night. It has been a week since I seen them for any length of time. I'm about to miss them. They tare the house all to hell and back, eat up all the snacks and fight like a cobra and mongoose but I love them. Ball seasosn has started and soon my weekday nights will be filled at the ballpark. Nothing like a single father being around a bunch of hot single mothers. Wait then out of the corner of my eye I spy my wife making out with her new boy toy and I throw up in my mouth a little bit. Nothing says desperate more than a kid dating someone for their ride. But then again I guess that is what she gets out of the deal too. ;-)  I'm not bitter. Really I'm not.