Monday, November 30, 2009

Separation: Day 163

Wth!!! I had to get up and come to work! Four days off in a row will make me lazy and broke! This was the first Thanksgiving in about 14 years that I didn't spend with my wife and family. I got up and went to see New Moon with my sissy and her friend. I told my buddy that I went to see the movie and he said I didn't realize you were a 14 year old girl!!! After the movie and a pit stop I went to eat at said friends house and play some poker. Texas hold'em that is. Was doing pretty good and then the wheels came off and I enjoyed being the dealer the rest of the game. My friend waited to the last minute to text to see if I was doing something and I wasn't going to bail on my other friend at the last minute so we promised each other rain checks. Friday I watched Lonesome Dove all the way through and went to get my check deposited and drop off the ransom at my old place. My friend and I went to a Mexican restaurant up north and then came back by the scenic overpass and star gazed for a while. Again we had an awesome meal and conversation under the stars. We always find out something new about each other and apparently nothing is off limits. Damn it! I got the boys Saturday and took them to see Planet 51. It was a good cartoon and you know I had to take my youngest by Burger King so he could get the latest toy from said movie. We met my friends with the boys there and everyone had a good time and we promised to do it again real soon. The boys were well behaved the whole time and I dropped them off back at the house and gave the soon to be ex a courtesy wave back. My friend and I decided that we liked the stars so much Friday night that we would try it Saturday too. Only one problem, there were no blasted stars the sky was overcast. Luckily we went to another scenic outlook and could see lights all the way to Atlanta. We went by Dairy Queen first and got some supper and my friend had some Chardonnay left from the night before and we ate, drank and talked. Well she cried in her Chardonnay and I cried in my diet Pepsi. We parted with big hugs and a promise to text and talk later. Woo Hoo!! Sunday my buddy called me real early and wanted to go watch a movie. So I went for the third time and seen Where the Wild Things Are. After the movie we went to 5 Guys Burgers and man oh man it was good, damn good, slap your granny good. It was so good it would make your tongue slap your brains out! Damn It Boy good!!!! I stopped by Pets Smart and got my friend's dog a present it was his birthday. (Really the first time I have ever done something like that) Anyway that brings the holiday weekend to a close. Leasure time ended at 11:30 pm Sunday for me. Hope everyone had a super holiday and enjoyed their family time.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Separation: Day 153

January 11th will be the day I thought would never come. It is the day I never saw coming. It is the day I always thought couldn't happen to a hard working, dedicated, doting husband. When I got married I fully intended on being married till death did us part. The pain is still fresh, too new to describe. I am learning to cope with the help of a friend, but she is like a fire blanket, once she is not around to smother the pain it's embers reignite. My wife told me the other day after I signed the last of the divorce papers that it would be final in January. She has no remorse her voice didn't crack and I thought I even detected some relief. After all is said and done I will have been separated from her for 202 days. Pretty much goes to show you that you can never know someone completely. She used to tell me that there was no one she loved more than me and would never leave me unless I cheated on her. She never lied to me and was always open and honest about what she was feeling. Somewhere along the way she changed and I didn't notice. I guess in a way I put too much faith in her, my happiness in life was too dependent upon her. So here goes my Thankful list:

  1. My new kick ass cell phone.
  2. Not getting laid off this week.
  3. Coupon for a free ham! Woo Hoo!!
  4. Get to keep my boys some this week.
  5. Bojangles Breakfast.
  6. Good friends in HR.
  7. Meeting some friends for supper Tuesday.
  8. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (awesome movie)
  9. Lifehouse, Theory of A Deadman
  10. My boys

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Separation: Day 148

I got a new phone. Woo Hoo! After months of salivating over this phone on Amazon I walked into my local At&t store and bought it. Bam! Just like that! I even sprung for a 4gig memory card so I don't every have to erase my text messages again!! MMMuuuuaaaahhhhh!! So JD can text to her hearts content and I am set. Plus I went ahead and told them to give me unlimited internet so I could check my blog and email on the go. The phone is SWEEEEEEEEEET!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Separation: Day 146

Woo Hoo!! The weekend has come and gone and I feel like it is Wednesday! The wife finally gave me back the divorce papers for another pass. I am going to return them to her for another pass. We are still hung on child support and how much I have got to pay. I don't care to do my part but I don't feel like it's my responsibility to keep her up too. Anyway if it is too much for her then she can always come back home. JD and I met after she got off work Friday and had some supper. That is becoming our thing lately. We have met the last three or four Fridays and had supper. This time she wanted to try a place with "atmosphere" and somewhere she could get a drink. Well I found a place and it was empty so I had to be the atmosphere and she got a dirty martini and a sex on the beach. I had never had a martini (dirty or otherwise) and she gave me a taste. Pretty good. If you like olives, which I do. Again we set and closed the place down and had an awesome conversation. I told her stories from my past that she hadn't heard from mutual friends already and she listened like I was the radio from the thirties. We parted with a big hug and a promise to text later. Saturday I had the boys all day because the soon to be ex had a wedding to do. She dropped the boys off at my sisters house and I slept till about 3pm, because I didn't get in bed till 10am. The boys spent the night after getting movies and Wendy's (me and the oldest) and McDonalds (the youngest). We got home and watched "I Love You Beth Cooper" and my youngest watched Scooby Doo on the laptop. This is a partial catch up so here is my Thankful List:

  1. Jay Z: BP3
  2. Saturday with my boys
  3. Friday with JD
  4. Second round of divorce papers
  5. Got to see Micah (new nephew)
  6. Smores Pop Tarts
  7. OT
  8. Wii
  9. Quick Wit
  10. Patience

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Separation: Day 136

The weekend!!! Wait a tick, I have to pull twelve hours shifts all weekend! :)/:( Happy and sad about that I need the money so I can pay ransom and I won't get to see my BFF. This week has gone by in a flash. It seems like yesterday I was starting out the week. All I have done pretty much all week is sleep and rest. I did cook some beef tips and rice the other day with some super groovy gravy. My sister seemed to like it. Well I said seemed to because all I could hear was nomnomnomnom!!! I went out with my friend last night. I just suggested pizza and then we started the whole conversation about what, where, who, and when. I mentioned it and at first she was against it and then decided she wanted Pizza Hut. So we went to Pizza Hut and had one of the best pizzas I have had in a long time. Again we set and talked to the place nearly closed. We never seem to run out of things to talk about. I tell her things that I haven't thought about in years. We really learn something new about each other every time we are together. After leaving I went straight home to get my nap on before having to go to work. It is a nasty habit I've started but every night I have to get a nap before going into work. My sister had even saved me a piece of caramel cake and I ate it on the way to work because of the nap. Last night was a pretty good night. I got to see my boys, my wife hasn't returned the divorce papers yet, and I got to see my friend. So here is a list about things I am thankful for:

  1. Pizza/Chinese (it brings friends together)
  2. My boys football season is over (more time for us)
  3. No therapy for three weeks, and I am still sane.
  4. Maxim Magazine (the closest thing I'll get to holding a woman)
  5. My osculating heater
  6. Pop Candy, Eat Me Daily, Huffington Post (keeps me informed)
  7. Phone call from my brother in Kuwait
  8. My boy had only one C on his report card the rest B's (still room for improvement)
  9. Jericho
  10. Naps

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Separation: Day 133

Since my last post:

Friday: My BFF came over after work for some take-out Mexican and some good dinner conversation. After dinner we set around the heater while she hoovered two fruit roll-ups like it was her job. Afterwards her whole mouth and tongue were blue! Ewwww! I think she is doing a lot better and she has started eating a lot more. She keeps telling me that she is getting fat and she is a size zero. Seriously! WTH! Is that even a size? I later txt her good night and went to work!! Yea OT!!!

Saturday: I went and got some breakfast and sit in the driveway at the house and txt my BFF good morning. I always txt her good morning and good night. I set in the driveway because that is the only place I have "more bars". :) Then well that is all I remember till about midnight when my sister came home. I got up fixed me up two wish sandwiches (wish I had something to go between two pieces of bread) and went back to bed!! About 12 hours sleep all day!! Woo Hoo! Go Shane! Get your sleep on!! My boy lost his game. :( But he made it to the "big show" though!!

Sunday: I got up early after all that sleep from the day before. I went over to the house and took a long hot shower and watched the boys while the soon to be ex went grocery shopping. While she was out I decided to take the turdies to see Astro Boy. I know your thinking a grown man taking his boys to see a cartoon? All I have to say is hellz yeah!! It was awesome! To make it even better we went by McDonalds on the way home and got....wait for it.....wait for it.....Astro Boy toys!!!!!!!!!!!!! My youngest got Astro Boy (thank GOD) and my oldest got Zog. After I dropped the boys I txt my BFF and:

Me: Chinese?
BFF: No, try again. Face broke out don't want any MSG.

Me: Olive Garden.
BFF: Um, no. Try again.

Me: Your turn, I am 0-2.
BFF: Chinese?

Me: WTH!! You said no!
BFF: But I really want some sizzling rice soup now! You should be happy it was your first choice!

Me: Where do we go?
BFF: Don't know. Want to watch a movie too so I guess we'll head south.

At this point I picked up the phone and called her because I was tired of texting. She was like What?! What do you want?! I'm cleaning my room. We'll talk in a bit give me an hour. I admit I was a little off put by this and I was like WTF!!! Then I seen a text she had sent before I called:

BFF: I guess we can decide all this later technically! ;-p
Me: I guess that is a polite way of telling me to leave you alone your busy?

BFF: ;-p hell u know me by now. I'd have just said that if I meant it!

BFF: Love U!! Just case u forgot!

After that all was well with the world again. We decided to eat Chinese and as we were walking in she said I hope they have Chinese decorations. We walked in and it was as plain jane as you could get. She asked if I wanted to go somewhere else. I was like no let's give it a chance. Well the food more than made up for the lack of decorations. She got her sizzling rice soup (the bowl was as big as Jethro's cereal bowl). The meal was super delicious and by the time we got through talking and eating we missed the movie.

Monday: Work, sleep, eat and txt BFF!

Tuesday: Work. Got up early because BFF called and talked to me and then I got ready and picked up my boys from after school. My youngest had a soccer game and then I took my oldest to get them some supper. Took a nap and woke up to a barrage of messages from my son and BFF. Off to work and that is where I am at now.

I know this was a riveting account and you were glued to your seat!! It's just good to be happy for a day or two and not have always being a moaning myrtle!!