Monday, November 16, 2009

Separation: Day 146

Woo Hoo!! The weekend has come and gone and I feel like it is Wednesday! The wife finally gave me back the divorce papers for another pass. I am going to return them to her for another pass. We are still hung on child support and how much I have got to pay. I don't care to do my part but I don't feel like it's my responsibility to keep her up too. Anyway if it is too much for her then she can always come back home. JD and I met after she got off work Friday and had some supper. That is becoming our thing lately. We have met the last three or four Fridays and had supper. This time she wanted to try a place with "atmosphere" and somewhere she could get a drink. Well I found a place and it was empty so I had to be the atmosphere and she got a dirty martini and a sex on the beach. I had never had a martini (dirty or otherwise) and she gave me a taste. Pretty good. If you like olives, which I do. Again we set and closed the place down and had an awesome conversation. I told her stories from my past that she hadn't heard from mutual friends already and she listened like I was the radio from the thirties. We parted with a big hug and a promise to text later. Saturday I had the boys all day because the soon to be ex had a wedding to do. She dropped the boys off at my sisters house and I slept till about 3pm, because I didn't get in bed till 10am. The boys spent the night after getting movies and Wendy's (me and the oldest) and McDonalds (the youngest). We got home and watched "I Love You Beth Cooper" and my youngest watched Scooby Doo on the laptop. This is a partial catch up so here is my Thankful List:

  1. Jay Z: BP3
  2. Saturday with my boys
  3. Friday with JD
  4. Second round of divorce papers
  5. Got to see Micah (new nephew)
  6. Smores Pop Tarts
  7. OT
  8. Wii
  9. Quick Wit
  10. Patience


  1. Things definately seem on the up for you!

  2. What's a dirty martini? Drink it in the nude, get the drink for free?? SWEET! :P

  3. Sounds like things are going MUCH better!!! :)