Monday, November 30, 2009

Separation: Day 163

Wth!!! I had to get up and come to work! Four days off in a row will make me lazy and broke! This was the first Thanksgiving in about 14 years that I didn't spend with my wife and family. I got up and went to see New Moon with my sissy and her friend. I told my buddy that I went to see the movie and he said I didn't realize you were a 14 year old girl!!! After the movie and a pit stop I went to eat at said friends house and play some poker. Texas hold'em that is. Was doing pretty good and then the wheels came off and I enjoyed being the dealer the rest of the game. My friend waited to the last minute to text to see if I was doing something and I wasn't going to bail on my other friend at the last minute so we promised each other rain checks. Friday I watched Lonesome Dove all the way through and went to get my check deposited and drop off the ransom at my old place. My friend and I went to a Mexican restaurant up north and then came back by the scenic overpass and star gazed for a while. Again we had an awesome meal and conversation under the stars. We always find out something new about each other and apparently nothing is off limits. Damn it! I got the boys Saturday and took them to see Planet 51. It was a good cartoon and you know I had to take my youngest by Burger King so he could get the latest toy from said movie. We met my friends with the boys there and everyone had a good time and we promised to do it again real soon. The boys were well behaved the whole time and I dropped them off back at the house and gave the soon to be ex a courtesy wave back. My friend and I decided that we liked the stars so much Friday night that we would try it Saturday too. Only one problem, there were no blasted stars the sky was overcast. Luckily we went to another scenic outlook and could see lights all the way to Atlanta. We went by Dairy Queen first and got some supper and my friend had some Chardonnay left from the night before and we ate, drank and talked. Well she cried in her Chardonnay and I cried in my diet Pepsi. We parted with big hugs and a promise to text and talk later. Woo Hoo!! Sunday my buddy called me real early and wanted to go watch a movie. So I went for the third time and seen Where the Wild Things Are. After the movie we went to 5 Guys Burgers and man oh man it was good, damn good, slap your granny good. It was so good it would make your tongue slap your brains out! Damn It Boy good!!!! I stopped by Pets Smart and got my friend's dog a present it was his birthday. (Really the first time I have ever done something like that) Anyway that brings the holiday weekend to a close. Leasure time ended at 11:30 pm Sunday for me. Hope everyone had a super holiday and enjoyed their family time.


  1. Don't slap your granny! :P

    Sounds like you had a great, relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. I am glad you got to spend it with people who truly care about you and your happiness. :)

    Glad you had a nice holiday. Happy Monday!

  2. Dairy Queen and Chardonnay.....quite the combo!

  3. I wish I had a friend like that. I COULD if I wanted it to be my soon to be youngest sister and him have been separated for years, but not divorced. If I let it happen, it would....but that's off limits as far as I'm concerned. So I go it alone. Glad you had a good Holiday!:)

  4. Awww...stargazing, Texas Hold 'Em, Dairy Queen, damn good burgers, cries & hugs with friends, amazing children...good times, good times... :) You are special.

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