Friday, December 4, 2009

Separation: Day 164

Today I was supposed to go to a court mandated class to learn how to be a parent. I have only been one for ten years now so you would think that I'd have the hang of it by now. That is just my case though I am sure everybody knows somebody that needs this class. First off it is a class that everyone in the state of Georgia has to take when getting a divorce (if they have kids). So it's not like they are questioning my parenting skills they just want my fifty bucks. Just another expense I can chalk up to the soon to be ex. Anyway....I left the house with plenty time to spare to get to the meeting. I had printed directions, GPS, directions from a cop, and a lifeline (my friend was a phone call away). Guess what? I never found the mo-flippin place and I was like majorly pissed. I was looking at myself in the rear view cussing myself for everything I was worth. I actually felt kinda bad when I got done with all that cussing. Because there was several good words I left out!!!! So I missed this date. A hour over there and a hour back. Half tank of gas blowed all to hell and back!! There are so many things I am putting off that when I stop to think about it I get sick.

  1. Selling my company stock so I can pay for divorce and refi the house.
  2. Refi the house so I can tell the ex to sign here, here, here, and here. Now get the fuck out!!
  3. Get the oil changed in my truck, so I don't have to walk everywhere I go.
  4. Do some Christmas shopping. With my looks apparently.
  5. Get my boys for more than a couple of hours.
  6. Go see my Grandma P. in the nursing home. I mean I am her favorite.
  7. Do something with my friend before I lose her to the magic of Disney World.
  8. Take movies back.
  9. Wash clothes.
  10. Cook a meal instead of eating out!!!
To top it all off a little TMI is that I haven't had...well you 193 days!! WTH!!! I guess I should go ahead and take my vows and put on the robe. White collar here I come.


  1. I think thats a pretty good law (if thats what it is) that people have to take parenting classes...

    I mean most families one parent is the main care giver and the other is just there for fun... So making people take a parenting class probably would help the neglectful parents.

    But i dont think its something that you should have to pay for- hellllllo government where are taxes going?!?!

  2. I had to take a parenting class when I got divorced and it was a J-O-K-E! Hopefully your state does a better job than KY does.

    Hang in there, the holidays are rough...financially and emotionally. Sounds like you have a loving family and great friends as your support network. That's awesome, everybody needs people like that!!

  3. How frustrating - sorry to hear! ...but, GUESS WHAT?! ...that's over & today is a NEW day. :)

    The way you say things makes me laugh, thanks. LOL.

    Make it a FUN, PRODUCTIVE weekend!

    By the's a deal...since you have no direct connection to me, e-mail me [] with your FB link & you'll be invited to learn & see more of yours truly. :)

  4. Oh yeah, regarding the TMI tidbit...

    193 days, eh? That was the case while IN my marriage. UGH.

    That just means, when it happens again, it'll feel EXTRAORDiNARiLY AMAZiNG! :D

  5. I remember 'The Class'. In MA you can't take the same one as your soon to be Ex. I think some of the people in my class could have used a semester of this drivel not just the few hours.

    Good'll get better. :)

  6. I was so excited to feel my Crackberry vibrate with an email from you & your FB link last night, but no such luck... :(

  7. I LOVE reading your blog!!:) You are an awesome writer and sooo get your point across.:) I am actually a funny person too, but not feeling in the "funny kind of mood" lately. Just wait til I get my sense of humor back a bit more!!:)