Friday, December 18, 2009

Separation: Day 178

It's Friday again. Damn didn't I just post this about two days ago?? Got to see JD tonight!! Woo Hoo!! First time I have seen her since the first of the month. We talk and text everyday but there is only so much you can talk and text about. We had good conversation over Mexican food and a couple of drinks. Hers was the alcohol kind and mine was sweet tea. I have just a few more days to enjoy the sweet tea because next week I start a medically supervised weight loss program. One of the things that the Ex was adamant about was that I had to lose weight. Both the marriage councilor and the personal councilor told me that a lot of my issues were due to my weight. I'm not going to go into numbers here lets just say that it will be a significant loss. It was always my plan to find a Dr. that would take interest in me and take me under their wing and help. So now I have found that Dr. and I am hoping for some good results. He told me that if I ate the meal plan and took the meds that I should lose 30-60 lbs. a month. He told me that I could do that for about six months and then look at where we are at. I know you all are sitting there with your jaws dropped thinking WTF that's a lot of weight. Like I said I'm not going into numbers. When I no longer look like the Jabba The Gut I will post some before and after pictures. I didn't want to mention anything about my weight in this blog but since this will be a big part of my life then I thought I should mention it. You know when I started talking about all the hoochie momma's I'm dating your going to know something is up! ;) So if your a praying person pray that I will maintain the program and succeed. If your not a praying person an atta boy every now and again wouldn't hurt. So without further ado here is what I'm thankful for:

  1. Little Christmas bonus
  2. Good Dr.'s visit
  3. Spending time with JD (wasn't enough though)
  4. Getting some on-line shopping done
  5. Company Dinners (not that I'm a company man)
  6. Blogging Buddies
  7. My boys
  8. Iron Man 2 trailer
  9. Got my "How to be a divorced father class" over with
  10. I was able to help my Grandma W. out with a sliced country ham.

Hope everyone has a kick ass, Capri Sun laced with vodka, eharmony, out of tune, nerd cop dating, shredding, and smoked meat weekend!!!!!


  1. LOL on the hoochie mamas comment! Good luck on your journey pal, you'll do great though!!! Have the battle is just beginning a program, so take pride in the fact you are ready to make a change! :) Yay for Christmas bonuses!

  2. Was that shredding for moi? :) Yup, gonna shred my ass alll weekend! Lol. :) I am so rooting for you on this weight-loss thing! You have been so great commenting on mine and being so encouraging. :)

    Love that you are doing with doc's supervision too. SMART!

    Have a super-fabulous weekend too!

  3. OMG, I'M SOOO GONNA BE YOUR #1 CHEERLEADER! [well, prolly next to J.D. since she has the advantage of actually being NEAR you], but you know...I'll be here at least for verbal guidance & encouragement. I BELiEVE in YOU & KNOW you WiLL SUCCEED! That's how strong you are. It won't be easy, but life isn't easy.


  4. Hi! I'm back trying to slip right into my blogging routine. I lost it all there for a while, but it was for a good cause!

    You'd be interested to know that about 10 years ago I lost approximately 45 lbs. I don't think I was ever thought of as being heavy because i'm so tall, but I was definitely on the chunky side. Eventually I discovered dance classes and that I was indeed quite naturally athletic. Who knew! I've kept the weight off ever since and although I gain and loose a few pounds here and there, the hard word definitely paid off. It's hard... really hard, but it feels AMAZING:))))