Saturday, January 2, 2010

Separation: Day 193

It's been a while! My Christmas was all about the boys this year! I went shopping the Wednesday before Christmas and scored big time at Toys R Us. The boys were real impressed. My oldest told me that my gifts were the best but not to tell his mom he said that. I got my youngest some lego sets, action figures, and two Justice League movies. My oldest got Madden 10, Star Wars Unleashed for the Wii, and Family Guy Star Wars movie. I got them both a minature WWE wrestling ring with twelve mini-figures, and the coupe de grace a Punjabi Prison Match wrestling ring!! Daddy was king for the day!!! They were even more impressed when they found out I done all the shopping. I usually got my sissy to do it, but this year I wanted to show that I am the man!! Anyway....we went to eat at Cracker Barrel for my side of the families get together. We had a good time everyone got good gifts and I got to hold the new nephew for a while. When we were leaving I let the boys pick out gifts for their mom from the gift shop, and I found my friend a couple of things!! My sister surprised me Christmas with a stocking filled with M&M stuff, a Jason Aldean cd and a Dean Koontz book. Score!! The only thing I thought we weren't getting each other anything so hers had to wait.My friend and I got together the Saturday after Christmas and was supposed to exchange gifts but by the time we got home about 1:30am we were too pooped to exchange and promised to do it Sunday. So Sunday we met and ate at the Canton House and had sizzling rice soup (her), hot and sour soup (me), fried won tons, crab rangoons (her), General Tso's Chicken (me). It is awesome food! Then we went to the Dairy Queen and got her a banana split? WTH? Then up to the lookout to stargaze for a while. She got me a bunch of M&M stuff, a Lady Gaga cd, a book, bath brush, Yankee Candle air freshener for my truck, a Jeff Dunham dvd, and two crazy/sweet cards. I got her a snowman stocking filled with chocolate covered almonds, two bags of cheeze its, airheads, Golden Girls Season 1, Moonlighting Season 1&2, a Friendship Angel and a tiny Disney Fairy Princess flashlight for her key chain. She loved it and couldn't believe I done as good as I did. I had the week after Christmas off and didn't do anything but eat some Wendy's and watch Burn Notice on New Year's Eve. :( I did talk to my friend daily and kept her apprised of my goings on. My soon to be ex has started moving out and the house is empting out by the day. The boys are excited and my youngest calls their new place a hotel. As an aside on the weight front. When I hit the scales tonight it looks like I have lost about 38 lbs since I started. :)


  1. It sounds like you had a great holiday.

    38 lbs is amazing! Ration the M&M's!

    Happy New Year.

  2. OMG, 38 lbs!?! You are DA MAN! Hells yeah! Happy New Year to you! Sounds like a fab Christmas, too. :) Love the pic with the kiddies, btw.