Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Separation: Day 196

Damn it boy!!!! It is colder than a well diggers ass down here. Eighteen frick fracking degrees and the cold air that is coming under my office door is freezing my footsies off!! I know, I know, cry me a river, but I hate cold weather. They say fat people don't get cold. They LIED!! Plus I hate to wear coats. My mom had to force me to wear one when I was little and when I got old enough to make that decision for myself I never wear one. My excuse was that I would walk from a warm truck to a warm building I didn't need a coat. I'm about to rethink my coat wearing ways. The house is empty. The ex has about a half a load left of stuff (upstairs) and some cleaning to do before she gives me the green light. I was over there last night and she came to get another load so I left and went back to my sister's place. There was something about her carrying her stuff out while I was there that was messing me up. I went over there the other night and set and cried for about an hour just looking at the empty house and remembering the past. My friend called right in the middle of it and I couldn't speak so she told me to call her back when I could talk. The boys tickle me they are excited but they hide it well because they don't want me to think that they enjoy the new place. My oldest told me tonight my brothers room is s-m-a-l-l and my youngest looked at him and said yeah bubba that mean little. I about fell out of the big blue chair. We lived at the place for two years and never painted the first wall. The whole place was one boring color. So now that the place is empty I am going to get it painted. My friend has promised that she can work miracles that all I have to do is set a budget. There is so much that I have to buy first though. My ex got the washer, microwave, the FLAT SCREEN (just kill me now), and her dresser. I told her she could have her nightstand table but she said it was in the agreement that it was mine. She also got everything out of the boys rooms so if they come over anytime soon it's either a pallet on the floor or sleep with daddy. I don't know where to go from here now. I mean I was used to seeing her pretty much everyday but now I really don't have to see her again. I mean I can drop the boys off and not see her, she can pick them up and not see me. January 13th will be the end of it all, our marriage anyway. We will forever be in each others lives like it or not.


  1. Ok im a little behind and catching up in one go. So JD is a new girlfriend right? thats the impression i am getting from all this talk of her.

    Let me know!

    And let her take it all! IKEA can fill the house with new fun stuff!

  2. WOOHOOO! Congratulations on being able to start over fresh. :) Painting will definitely help make it "your" space. Good call on getting a woman's touch on the decorating! :P

  3. Yay for a fresh start and a new coat o' paint!

    I mourn the loss of your flat screen with you, my friend. That sucks...it all sucks. You are doing your thing though, and that's what matters the most. :)

    I am always cold, so I totally know where you are coming from. My classroom is like an igloo right now. Thank god my hubby bought me this tiny space heater for my desk! Blessed warm air! Maybe you can get a wee one for your tootsies?

  4. I got no sympathy about the cold, buddy. It's just as cold here in Ontario. I left with pretty much the clothes on my back, and my daughter's bed, my dog and two cats. Congratulations on the redoing of the house, things will get better for you this year.

  5. First of all, after checking out your comments again on your last post about Christmas & such, I noticed my comment hadn't gone thru for some reason?? Boo technology! ...GLAD your Christmas seemed to go well & you got to spend it with the ones who mean the most to you. I'm also SO PROUD OF YOUR WEiGHT LOSS THUS FAR. :D

    On this post...I'm TOTALLY with ya on the HATE for cold & HATE for coats thing! Just be glad you're not in Iowa where it's been averaging BELOW zero for actual temp lately. UGH!!!