Monday, January 11, 2010

Separation: Day 202

The great Blizzard of 2010 is still ravaging Pickens County. The whopping 2 inches of snow we got shut down the school system for two and a half days and caused multiple accidents. Emergency crews were begging people to stay home unless it was life or death. The only things you seen on the road were four wheelers and other off road vehicles and they were going for milk, bread, eggs and beer. Hand to GOD I seen two people in full camo outside a liquor store on their Kawasaki Mule. I had to call in the first day because I couldn't get out of my sub-division and the second day I left eight hours early to go 9.5 miles. When I got home I pulled down next to the basement and....wait for it...wait for stuck in my driveway!! So there I was stuck at home with nothing to eat but grits and Mike's Hard Lemonade. My wife came over and parked next to the road and cleaned out "her part" of the basement. So I reckon she is officially gone. Just before we are officially divorced. The house is shaping up a little bit now. I think my friend said she was going to come over tonight and "drink, watch a movie, and or decorate". I told her we could do all three. My youngest lost his first tooth over the weekend and he was so excited. My wife sent me a picture of him smiling. I broke down Sunday and sent my wife a message and thanked her for the best twelve years of my life, that my biggest regret was losing her, and that I would always love, want and need her. I also told her that as much as we were running in opposite directions from each other now that I hoped someday things would be better. Her response was I am coming to get the rest of my stuff today. I am really excited about seeing my friend, haven't seen her since the 27th of December. So heres hoping!!


  1. The first part of this made me LAUGH!!! All you Southern States that totally freak out & completely shut done with 2 inches of snow. :P ...Try 20 inches of snow & ice with below zero ACTUAL temps...already 3 times this winter?!

    Regarding the message you sent your wife - understandable & okay. least the first part about thanking her for the best 12 years. BUUUTT the 2nd part will change. SOMEDAY you WON'T need or want her, because you WILL have a life with another lovely woman who cares about you for who you are!

    Have a good week. :)

  2. Damn. I wish I had no school! BUT NOOOOOOOOOO, I had to GO to work today! BLECH!