Sunday, January 24, 2010

Separation: Day 215

Woo Hoo!! I have been given my second award! Just when I thought no one was reading! Bam! Out of no where two awards!!! This one is from Tony at Nut in a Lifeshell. I have to list ten things that make me happy and then list ten bloggers! So lets see if there are ten things that make me happy:

  1. Clear star filled nights. (Used to care less but now it means a lot)
  2. A babies laugh or smile or giggle.
  3. Cooking for a big crowd of people.
  4. Making someone else happy.
  5. Hearing my boys tell me that they love their "Sweet Daddy".
  6. Working
  7. Writing blogs and poetry.
  8. Reading all of my blogging buddies posts.
  9. Time with my friends.
  10. Someone, anyone to tell me that they love me and mean it.
And now for ten Bloggers:

  1. Rockstar @ p.s. i [don't] love you
  2. Mean Girl @ Mean Girl Garage
  3. Tammy @ Tammy's Tale
  4. Jessie @ Figuring it out
  5. Court @ Tangles Out
  6. Frannie @ Frannie Fires Back-Divorce, Finances, And Fabulous Shoes
  7. Julie @ He Who Laughs Last Didn't Get It
  8. Alyssa @ just putting it out there
  9. Miss OverThinker @ Life Uncensored
  10. Anna @ Little Reminders of Love
This is the Happy Award! All of the blogs and more (of course) give me happiness everyday!!


  1. Smilelies (is that even a word?) are the best! Congrats and thanks for the mention.


  2. Now, I'm of course not surprised you've received 2 awards - you're very worthy & so sincere about what you right & how you live! :) I was excited to log in to my Dashboard & see a smiley face pic on your post!

    1. Oh what I'd give to enjoy a clear, star filled WARM night! ...we were yet again, hit by nasty a nasty winter storm. :(
    2. I also LOVE the sound of laughing babies & children. So precious.
    3. Can I be in your next "big crowd of people"?!
    4. You do make MANY other people happy, are a wonderful, sweet daddy, very hard worker with good character, & loved by several...

    How's the weight loss plan going?

    P.S. THANKS for thinking of me & passing the award along! :)

  3. I often get that feeling myself, that no one is reading. Regardless, it does help to get my thoughts down, helps me deal with things. I enjoy reading your blog, because I very much see myself 3 years ago, and I know exactly what you've had to deal with. You're a decent, hard working guy, like myself, trying to do the best for your family, while trying to keep your sanity. I'm really pulling for you, and want you to find happiness and peace, and put all that bad crap behind you. Keep plugging away, bud!

  4. Thanks a lot for the award. I feel so special... I just posted it on my blog today - sorry for the tardiness... I can definitely relate to point 1, 2, 4, 7 and 10.

  5. Take happiness, Shane. It's available!