Thursday, September 3, 2009

Separation: Day 73

Today was therapy day. I always stop and pick up my sister a Chik-Filet chicken biscuit. When you live with someone rent free you kinda do them any favor they want. So that is my routine every Thursday, therapy then Chik-Filet. I would be going broke if I was still at home because I know that I would buy my wife lunch every Thursday. But....Anyway therapy went good and we touched on somethings other than the marriage. He always wants to know how I am doing and how the boys are doing. He told me today that I should realize now that there is no way to save my marriage. I don't believe that, I didn't feel like arguing but I don't believe that. In some sick way I still hold out hope. I still expect to see her come through the door at my sisters place and tell me to come home. I know I must be high on pain killers and Prozac but hey its my dream. I didn't get much sleep today because my brother and his father-in-law came and cut the grass about 1pm after I got in bed about 11am. WTH!!!!! But the yard looked real good and there is nothing better than the smell of fresh cut grass. I am going to go watch "Gamer" tomorrow night with my brother and my oldest boy. I think he will probably spend the night with me and then I'll take him to the football game Saturday. I am going to post some pictures of the boys later so people can put faces with oldest and youngest boys. I get to work twelve hours Sunday so I will get a pretty decent check next week too. I need it, the house payment comes every month!! So now it is time to list everything that I am thankful for, so.......

  1. I have a job.
  2. My boy won his football game last week.
  3. I got to spend sometime with my boys this week.
  4. I have been doing better getting out and walking more.
  5. I actually went shopping for a birthday present (my wife wrapped it).
  6. I hear from friends and family every week to hang in there.
  7. I was able to help a friend in need.
  8. I think I sold my old truck.
  9. All my friends (bloggers included) and family for helping me out.
  10. No one at work knows that I am having marital problems.
  11. A hug I got last night.
  12. I got a jar of home canned jalapenos. (AKA around here as Jay lap a knows) ;)

Hope everyone has a kick ass weekend!!


  1. Glad you have things to be thankful for. You probably do need to at least THINK about what your therapist is saying. At least THINK about it.....

    Not trying to be a downer. I'm really not. :)

  2. Glad you had a good therapy appt. & you're can remain hopeful & optimistic. You're also going through a grieving process & this is one of the "steps." Would your wife consider couples therapy??

    Make it a GREAT weekend! I look forward to seeing the pics of your boys... :)

    "God grant me the SERENiTY to ACCEPT the things I CANNOT change; COURAGE to change the things I CAN, & WiSDOM to know the DiFFERENCE."
    - Reinhold Niebuhr

  3. Listen to the psych... its easier to accept things, or at least consider them rather than ignore them and have to deal with it in one full force later on...

    Looking forward to kid pics!

    Al x

  4. ...all in good time. Glad the therapy is going well and sorry you didn't sleep. I feel your pain!

    It's good to keep your problems out of work - no one needs that and it's a nice escape to concentrate on other things.

    Gratitude list is fabulous! Happy to see that!