Thursday, September 10, 2009

Separation: Day 79

First off I would like to preface this by saying that I have no prejudices. I have always had the motto live and let live, to each it's own so on and so forth. But we have this person that comes into work occasionally and I don't know what this person's gender is. I mean they have breasts and also have a definite 5 o'clock shadow thing going on. So when I talk about this person I refer to he/she as It. Well this morning It comes in and decides it wants to vent. It starts talking to me about the economy, health care, workers rights, moral fiber, and his dads lack of it. Somewhere in the conversation It says that its dad in order to sale a car one time packed the rear end of the car with saw dust (apparently this helps the rear end temporarily). But the only part of the conversation that my buddy got was the part about the rear end and I never heard the end of it the rest of the night. They even went out and told another driver the story and he came in and told me that It radioed him and told him how good a person I was and that I was a good listener. I was like WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! But then he mentioned the saw dust and I said ok you went too far you had me till you said saw dust. I have always been careful of using any gender specific salutations so....But It told me it had a girlfriend. But that doesn't mean anything. So I guess live and let live. So tonight me and the boys are going to meet my buddy with his family at this new "dive" and eat and fellowship for a while. I have grown quite fond of his kids and him and his wife text me all the time making sure I am ok. I'm glad to have reacquainted myself with an old friend.

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  1. Does IT have a nongender specific name like 'Chris' or 'Pat'?

    Maybe they're in the transformation process?