Monday, August 31, 2009

Separation: Day 69

I have started this blog three times and went back and erased it. I went to a birthday party this weekend at my friends house with the two boys. I have really reconnected with him over the past couple of months. We have a long past and it's not always been good and of course with any friend there was a girl involved. But that is all in the past and he is a pretty good friend. The party was loud, loud, and louder. There were about 10 kids there so actually the noise level was pretty tame at times. My boys behaved real good and I actually got some compliments about how well behaved they were and how much they loved on their dad. They are some good boys and they do tell me they love me all the time. One of my friends boys was playing with two Star Wars figures and I told him to give me one and I held my hand out and he ran and jumped in my arms and gave me the biggest neck hug. I thought damn it boy I was going to play action figures with you and now you done got me choked up. It was fun being around a crowd for once. I never liked going out before and being around people but now I kind of enjoy it. One woman came up and told me she had heard A LOT of stories about me. A long time ago there was this other Shane and he lived life to the fullest. There are stories I could tell but that would be another blog for another day. While at the party they introduced me to a woman who was separated from her husband and has two boys like me. They were all at the party and they were real cordial to each other. But she and I have another thing in common it seems that sometimes our brain/mouth filter gets clogged up. ;) Her's is a little more extreme than mine in that she sometimes has no filter and just says what comes to mind. We all had a good time and the boys I know were worn out when we left. I'm sure my wife enjoyed her time by herself. The boys really are a trip and they do some of the funniest things and I am glad that I am around to watch them grow into the men they will one day be.


  1. Glad you had a GREAT time...being around friends is one of the BEST things you can do for yourself right now! Your boys sound awesome... CHEERS! :)

  2. Hi Shane, thanks for your nice comment on my blog and for following it. I haven't been doing a lot of blogging lately but will get to it in a few weeks time..
    Sounds like you had fun at the party - your boys sound adorable..