Sunday, August 23, 2009

Separation: Day 62

I had an awesome weekend with the boys! Our first night I made boneless fried chicken with mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, homemade mac and cheese, and hot dog bun toast (hated to throw them out). We watched some TV and went to bed late so they would sleep later. :) I got up early Saturday morning and got them a biscuit and came back home to get ready for my oldest boys football game. His team lost the game but my boy done real good and the announcer called him out special when he made a tackle. My friend came up with his family and watched the game and that made my youngest boys day. The cheerleader coach brought a mascot uniform for my youngest to wear. My boy can be a ham when he wants to be but he has to warm up to the idea around strangers. The little boy they got to wear it done an incredible job and was so cute and funny. That night after the game I took them to get some movies and I picked up pizzas and we went back to my wife's house to watch the movies and eat. We watched 17 Again and then me and my youngest watched two episodes of Scooby Doo!!! We gathered up our junk and went back to the land of exile and slept. Sunday morning I got up early because my friend text me at 7:30 am (WTF!!!) and wanted to know about watching Inglorious Bastards we made plans to watch that while my sister took my boys shopping with her to find a dress for an up coming wedding. Also it was my wife's birthday and the boys needed to get her something. The movie was gory, and funny as hell. Brad Pitt made the movie. He has a killer southern accent and everyone else was great too. After the movie I went to Olive Garden and bought my wife a piece of tiramisu (her favorite cake) for her birthday and stopped by and got her a card. Then back to the house to clean it up so she wouldn't walk into a mess, wash my boys uniform and hang it to air dry and put in another load of clothes. Washed a few dishes and took out the trash and folded a load of clothes she had on her bed. Also raised the window and turned on the ceiling fans so the house would be nice and aired out. Thus ended my weekend with the boys, somehow when they go shopping for someone else they end with something for their trouble?? That's my boys though. I was tagged by Jules to do this so here goes:

1. Favorite Summer Movie - Inglorious Bastards was real good. Transformers was good, along with Harry Potter.

2. Favorite Summer Cocktail - I don't drink that much so I would have to say Mike's Hard Lemons and Miller Lite. Did drink some Blue Sky's my wife mixed up they were good.

3. Favorite Summer Song - Since everything reminds me of my wife kicking me out like piled up trash...Daughtry-No Surprise, The Fray-Don't Let Me Go, Jason Aldean-Grown Woman, and Kelly Clarkson-Already Gone.

4. Favorite Summer Meal - Hot Wings!!!

5. Favorite Summer Outfit - T-shirt and joggers.

6. Favorite Summer Read - Odd Hours-Dean Koontz, Bleachers-John Grisham, The Associate-John Grisham.

7. Favorite Summer Moment - This past weekend with my kids! We had an awesome time. Also 5/25/09. Just for personal reasons.

Since I am new to this I won't tag any one. But if you feel compelled I would enjoy reading it!! Just let me know. ;)


  1. Sounds like you had a productive weekend! Very cool:) I also saw this post of Jule's page. I guess I need to go see the Pitt movie because everyone keeps talking about it!

    Oh, and anyone that texts me at 7:30 AM is CLEARLY insane.

  2. Oh im glad you had a great weekend with the boys!

  3. Cindy- very productive indeed. The movie is a must see though not if you don't like blood and guts.

    Al- Thanks, I'm trying real hard!

  4. Glad you had a good weekend! You deserved it! And I TRIED to get Hubby to go see that movie this weekend. He refused. We saw that alien one instead. It was good too.