Sunday, July 5, 2009

Separation: Day 13

I usually don't acknowledge the number 13 (long story) but today is day 13 of the separation. The holiday weekend actually went pretty good. When I got off Friday I went straight to our house and waited on them to get up so I could take a shower. Once I got out of the shower I talked to my wife and asked her if she would go to the movies with us. She said.....wait....wait.... YES!!!!! Surprised me to. But later she totally deflated the surprise by saying that she felt she must go because I could not care for the youngest by myself. We went to the movies and watched Transformers. If you like loud non-stop action movies then you can't beat Transformers. We all had a good time and afterwards we went to Game Stop and bought my Lil brother his birthday present. He is a Fourth of July baby. Later I watched the boys when we got back while she went to buy groceries. When she got back I could tell my time was up because she was super short and just anxious for me to go. She did give me a hug and mumbled she loved me. I will take anything right now as a sign of hope, however faint. Saturday my sister and I didn't have anything planned so I schlepped around the house and waited on time to meet my wife and the boys to watch fireworks. I know you are thinking that this is a lot of time to be spending with your wife if you are separated. Well we are not talking about quality time. I am sure she would tell you it was tolerate time. She could tolerate me for "x" amount of time. Sunday was a different story. She had the boys all day Friday and Saturday and I was hoping to get them all day Sunday. Well she had already made plans to go to her friends house and take the boys a long. The boys started out saying that they wanted to stay with me but I think when my wife went silent the boys took it they had hurt her feelings and they relented their position and ol' dad lost out. So Sunday instead of a fun filled day with the boys I got two hours before bed time. Thanks. Something on the plus side she did tell my oldest that things were getting better. I did ask him if she had metioned the "D" word and he said no. So again a small flicker of hope. He did ask how come he couldn't live with me and if there was some kind of law that said he had to live with his mom. I said no but it was best for him and he said he loved me and wanted to stay with me and so did my youngest. I told him I was still holding out for the best between his mom and I and that maybe one day I would be home. Then we would all be a family again.

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