Monday, July 20, 2009

Separation: Day 27

The weekend came and went. I got to see my boys for a big part of the day Saturday and was hoping to get to see them Sunday. But my oldest boy's messy room beat me out of that. My wife and him spent the bigger part of the day cleaning his room getting it ready for company on his birthday. So I spent a portion of the day at an old friends house shooting the breeze and watching TV. I could have closed my eyes and sworn I was home with the way his boys fight and argue just like my boys. ;) My sister went to dinner after church and brought me home a plate but I wasn't able to eat anything because I had ate so much breakfast. Man but that breakfast I ate was good. I missed my boys today and my oldest is going to spend the night with me tomorrow so we'll get to spend some good quality time together. We threw the football around Saturday while my youngest run around and played action figures in the back of my truck. I don't know how things are going with my wife. Every time I send her a text about coming over and wanting to see her she says: "No Thanks". A very polite brush off I reckon. Soon it will be a month since she told me to leave and she is no where near ready letting me come back. :( I miss her so much. I just about cry every time I go to the bathroom there because I can smell her perfume. I loved the way she smelled. I miss looking into her eyes and I miss kissing her nose. Hell I miss everything.

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