Monday, June 29, 2009

Separation Day: Seven

Today is one week since I was told to move out so we could work on our marriage apart. How have thing gone? Well I hate it, I really hate it. I miss my wife and my boys. I miss cooking supper for them and just being there for them. We have a therapy session today. Don't really know how that is going to go. I hope it goes well but I don't know. I can't say that I expect it to because none of them so far have gone too well. My wife seems to be doing better. She is eating and not staying sick at her stomach and the fever blisters are gone so she is doing better. I on the other hand am a hot mess. I can't eat, sleep, or think straight. All my time is consumed hoping that my wife will let me come back. But I have decided that she is going to do what she is going to do. The decision is hers to make. I am willing to try, but she has to be willing too. I hope for the best. I don't like the way things are now but if she is happy now who am I to argue. Maybe given enough time she will see that I am genuine in my pursuit of change and that will change her mind. I realize the error of my ways, and I am working hard to integrate those change into my life. I am getting to see the boys all I want though. I kept them all day Saturday and my sister took them back late in the evening. I know my wife enjoys this time because she got so very little of it in the past. Maybe tomorrow will go good. I hope.

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