Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Time To Change

I have been given a challenge. Change or life as you know it will change for you. The change I have been told is for me and me only and maybe once the change is complete then life can resume... maybe. I used to be the guy on the phone late at night with a girl spilling the beans on life and how I thought they could fix their problems. I was the guy that was always the "brother" or "teddy bear". But somehow and some way I got away from that. I don't remember when exactly and I don't remember why I just know for some reason that side of me closed up shop. I just know that I didn't know that side of me had closed down. I don't remember a going out of business sale. I never meant to swap sides. I never meant to be the guy they griped about instead of the the guy they came to. I no doubt still have those qualities within me, they just have to have the dust knocked off of them. I have to listen instead of comment. I have to understand how the other person is feeling and why they are feeling that way. That used to be second nature to me. I could just tell by the look in a person's eyes how they felt and what they needed to hear. Can this be remedied? Of course it can but it is going to take some soul searching and backtracking. So like Superman I must go into the phonebooth one man and emerge another. The new man will be the "old" new me...the me I know I once was and still can be.

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