Monday, June 1, 2009


A man is not supposed to ask for help. He is not supposed to need help or display any sign of weakness. I am here to say that in somethings in life I am helpless. There are times in my life that I need the help of others and it does me good to admit that. Today I talked to a sweet woman who soothed my aching heart for just a little bit. You know how when you "boil" something out with peroxide that the soreness goes away. Well today my heart had a little peroxide poured on it. The soreness will eventually come back but for a fleeting moment I felt good. For the first time in a while I spoke with someone who didn't stare at me with contempt, who didn't roll their eyes, who didn't grit their teeth while their face is contorted in anger. This was just the beginging of the helping cycle, the bottom rung. First I admitted I have a problem and then this problem can be solved.

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