Friday, October 2, 2009

Separation: Day 101

I hit the big 100 yesterday. One hundred days apart from my wife and family. One hundreds days not sleeping in my bed, eating at my table, and sitting in my "big blue chair". One hundred days without a kiss from my wife, sharing a bed with my wife, or anything with my wife. One hundred days of not being there for my boys when they get home, cooking supper for them, watching their favorite shows with them. For as much as I would like to be all doom and gloom to feed my depression it has not been. It has been 100 days of discovery. One hundred days of reinventing or finding my old self. It has been hard I won't lie, and there is still rough days ahead but there is some good to come out of all this. So in my weekly thankful list I am going to list the top ten things to come out of 100+ days apart:

1. See and do more with my boys.

2. See and do more with my family and friends.

3. More understanding of other peoples problems and my own.

4. Getting therapy to help get over the death of my parents and deal with issues.

5. Starting a blog and being introduced to a cornucopia of BBs.

6. Cleaned my truck out. I didn't know I had floor mats!!!!

7. A renewed friendship from long ago that is doing me a world of good.

8. Taking better care of myself.

9. Looking at my wife through a different light.

10. Finding Big John's Dawg House (awesome food).

So it has not all been for not. I wish that I could have discovered these things without my wife having to leave me but I am glad I have.


  1. Sounds like you have made a good start. You have an excellent list started.

  2. Way to go!! Stay positive my man. You'll come out of this, no problem. Focus on yourself, and your kids, and your friends.

  3. See...after every storm, there's a rainbow... ;)

    BTW, will we ever get to see the face behind these words??

  4. @stillarockstar: have some awesome followers no use scaring them off with my picture. That being said if I can find a good one from way off I might include it in a blog. :)

  5. Thanks guys for all your encouragement!! It's day to day but I am making strides.