Thursday, October 29, 2009

Separation: Day 128

I went to see a lawyer yesterday to get him to go over the papers and explain them to me and make sure there wasn't anything I was overlooking. Turns out she was pretty close on the child support so I guess I will be broke pretty much the next fourteen years. I told him about a few things I wanted to add and he said all I had to do was tell her I wanted it added before signing the papers. So I guess I am on the way to divorce. I picked up my boys at after school yesterday and was going to take them out to eat but my youngest pitched a fit. He didn't want anything to eat so I took them home and waited on my wife to show up and left my youngest with her while the oldest and I went out to eat at Big John's Dawg House. MMMMMMM.......Hot wings! MMMMMM....Chili cheese fries. It was an awesome meal and we had some good talks about everything. I went out to eat with my friend (really becoming BFF, sounds too feminine to say) and I gave her a book to read Facing Your Giants, gave her a quart jar of sorghum syrup, and the bootleg copy of the Hangover. Damn she thought it was Christmas! The book was a gift from my wife and was meant to be an inspiration for me to change. Guess I missed that boat. :) ANYWAY, all is well and work is holding out and I get to work a little overtime this week. Woo Hoo!! My oldest won his football game last weekend and now they are going to the playoffs! Go Green Dragons!!


  1. Congrats on your son's football win.. good that you have got a close friend that you can talk to during this ordeal and also help her out with her issues...
    Oh, thanks for the hugs - I really need all the hugs I can get even if they are virtual :)

  2. Glad you had a pretty good day. Mine was kind of rough. It was my 42nd b-day. Got all depressed, what have I done with my life, blah blah blah. Had to be reminded by my lovely one just what I have accomplished in my life. You're not alone feeling depressed sometimes. Anyway, feeling a bit better today. Got my 9yr old daughter for Halloween. Should be lots of fun. Keep fightin'

  3. So glad you're coming to terms with all the changes. Sounds like a pretty decent day... minus all the cholesterol you inhaled from the cheesy fries. *sigh* ;-p