Saturday, October 17, 2009

Separation: Day 116

Everyday is an adventure. Everyday I go to work on time and leave on time. I have therapy once a week and I feel my gas tank up once a week. Thus is my life. Before I would have never went to therapy and only filled my tank up every other week. This is the time of year that every-one's rear puckers up and waits for the big kiss off. Every year at this time the company decides that they want to put everyone on 32 hours a week maximum and they cry if they have to pay out any OT. Then you go to a meeting and they give you the slobbering blues about how they are hurting too. Yeah they're hurting, hurting from all that sitting on their ass figuring out how to cut out more time. This year I have the pleasure of going through a DIVORCE along with all this other worry!! Score!! Bonus!!! My wife who's job is secure and also has added income (a la me) has no worries. The only worry she has is if she can get enough long baths, and naps in in a week. While I on the other hand worry night and day about where my next dollar is coming from and where I am going to lay my head down in about two months. But I digress. Now is time for my thankful list:

  1. My boys.
  2. The Hangover (great movie got it on bootleg shhhh!!)
  3. Mac and Cheese (oh hell yeah)
  4. (ordered my youngest b-day gift)
  5. My blogging buddies.
  6. "The Shack" by William P. Young
  7. Diet Dr. Pepper
  8. My good night/good morning, daily affirmation buddy. She's the best!
  9. Cold water from the water cooler.
  10. Human Resources

This is a pretty good picture into my life this week! Hope everyone has a kick ass weekend!!

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