Sunday, October 11, 2009

Separation: Day 111

The weekend went fine. I had my boys all day yesterday. My sister and I took them to see the 3D version of Toy Story 1&2. Talk about some bleacher butt (a la rockstar) after that movie extravaganza!! My youngest loved it and my oldest even laughed out loud in a couple of places. Funny thing was I watched the first few minutes looking at the screen thinking WTH!!! it was real fuzzy. I thought my vision might be going on me and then I remembered that it was 3D and put on the glasses (please insert dumb ass remark here). After the movie I met a friend and his family for supper. His boys love my boys and they always have a good time. I think we are going to have to get out of the eating out stage with them. There is just too much going own and we spend more time talking to the kids than we do to each other. I promised them next time they could come to the land of exile and I would make them homemade soup and cornbread. Then the boys can play outside all they want and pass out from exhaustion. :) After our goodbyes my sister took the boys to get a prize at Wally World and I went to Best Buy to pick out a prize for my other buddy. I had told them I was getting a prize for them earlier in the day and they were excited. My friend made it back from Washington and I went over to his house and heard about his trip. He said that the best part of the trip was Arlington Cemetery and watching the changing of the guards. I would really like to go someday and see all that being as I was a History major in college. My lit'l brother shipped out today and had a brief stop in Ireland (lucky bastard) with a final stop in Kuwait (not so lucky bastard). He will be gone fighting the good fight for a year and left behind his wife and not even two month old son. That has got to suck! I can't imagine not seeing my boys for a year. I don't like to go a day without seeing them, so a year would be like death warmed over. But that is what he signed up to do and he knows that. Just keep him in your prayers that he gets to come home safe!! My weekend ended with a quick nap while my sister watched Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives finales. Another week has begun whether I like it or not!! :)


  1. a.) I wanna see that Toy Story 3D so bad!!! Loved those flicks the first time. ...hope your bleacher butt has healed. ;P

    b.) You HAVE to go see D.C. someday - it's AMAZiNG! I've been there 3 times & STiLL haven't seen everything I want to! The nice thing about it is that the majority of the touristy places are free, so your cost is primarily hotel/food. History major, eh? So was my dad...many of our family vacations were spent stopping by battlefields, LOL...

    c.) May God bless your brother AND his family while he is gone! I appreciate his service...

    d.) Sounds like you had a good weekend - YAY!

  2. @rockstar: a)it is a good buy, and I loved to see my youngest in those huge glasses.

    b)I really want to go someday. Since I don't have a wife anymore I guess there is nothing holding me back from just packing up and taking a day or two. :)

    c) Thanks! He needs all the blessings allowed.

    d) The weekend was pretty good, OT and time with the boys!!

  3. Hi Shane! I've been away waaaaaay too long. I'm not 100% but trying to get there:)

    I can't imagine you not seeing your babies for a year either. Much love to your brother!