Friday, October 30, 2009

Separation: Day 129

Last night I took my oldest to football practice on a baseball field so they could practice up into the night because the field had lights. WTH!! He is ten years old. He is not in highschool. Come on people he has to get some sleep and do homework. My youngest and my soon to be ex-wife showed up after his soccer match and watched the rest of his practice. My youngest and his little girlfriend climbed in the truck with me and jammed out. The little girl asked me what I was going to be for Halloween and I told her a worker I reckon. She seen the hard hat and had to try it on with the safety glasses. Then she wanted me to wear it and see if my eyes would cross with the glasses on. They would. Then she wanted to see if hers would cross when she had the glasses on. They did. She was going as Miley Cyrus and my youngest is going as Ben 10. But guess what? The playoff game is on Saturday so neither one of my boys is going to go trick or treating. That has got to suck for them. I have to work tonight and then the rest of the weekend is mine. Woo Hoo. My new BFF is supposed to be cooking something up for us to do so who knows what I will end up into. Here goes my Thankful list:

  1. Unlimited texting! (Without this I would be frigged)
  2. My boys love their Sweet Daddy!!
  3. Jericho (late to the game on this one but a good show, anything with Major Dad in it is good)
  4. Biscuits (sausage, gravy, ham-n-cheese, bacon-n-cheese)
  5. Honey Nut Cheerios
  6. My new BFF, she is there to help cheer me up whenever I am down which is a lot!
  7. A lawyer friend who gave me FREE advice.
  8. My Sissy Poo (she puts up with her brother and takes up for him and cares for him)
  9. My oldest made it to the playoffs!!!!
  10. My BBs.


  1. Great list, as usual, Shane! Awww to #2. Can't believe #7! Miracles evidently do happen. I liked Jericho a lot too. And YAY for #9!

    Hope you have a great dinner with your BFF. :)

  2. Good stuff! Sometimes I have to do a list as well. As crappy as the days get sometimes, there is always lots to be thankul for. Even the smallest or most insignificant thing, like chicken noodle soup, or hot coffee in the morning, that's enough to make the day ok. Love of the kids is the best, that's for sure.

  3. @TC: Thanks! Jericho rocks and we did have an awesome dinner and good conversation. My oldest plays tonight, fingers crossed!!

    @Tony: Cindy @Language is Wine Upon the Lips turned me on to the list and I admit it has been therapeutic!! My boys love is everything!

  4. CHEERS to connections. It's not what you know, it's who you know, that's FO SHO! ;P

    LOVE Honey Nut Cheerios, too! ...most definitely something to be thankful for!

    And yes, if it weren't for unlimited texting or Crackberry Messenger, I'd be livin' on a street corner.

    HOPE you ended up having a FUN Halloween night with the BFF. :D

  5. I can't believe they missed out on trick or treating! But I am very excited for unlimited texting:) Glad you count on good friends to cheer you up when necessary. It really makes a hell of a difference.