Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

I got off work Saturday morning and drove to Wal-mart to get my shop on for the boys Easter buckets! I don't do baskets for the boys because well they are boys. I got them a butt load of candy, Iron man figures, Diary of A Wimpy Kid book, DVD player, Green Lantern movie, and a Justice League movie. They really flipped when I had it all laid out on the kitchen table that morning. I told them they could only have one piece of candy before breakfast and they didn't mind that at all. We loaded up in the truck to go get a biscuit and they asked if the Easter Bunny was going to go to mom's house too. I said of course. My oldest told me that was the best thing about having divorced parents two of everything. I'm glad he can have a since of humor about all this. The boys spent the night with me for the first time since I moved back into the old home place. I figured I would let the ex have a break and I knew she would be tired from shooting a wedding all day. We all three slept in the same bed and it's a little different sleeping with someone when you haven't slept with anyone in almost a year. My youngest had to sleep with his head on my belly and my oldest had running fits while he slept. WTF??? Since it is just me there I don't have cable or anything. No use having an extra bill if you don't have to. We watched Smallville on DVD and went to sleep around 1am. That way they would sleep late and I would get to sleep late too. I really enjoyed having them around they are fun and aggravating as hell sometimes but they bring life to the house. I even made my ex an Easter Basket!! I know some of you are thinking, "What A Chump"!!!!!!!  Last year on Easter I had to work 12 hours and I came home and she had me a nice Easter bucket and I had her nothing. I felt bad for not having her nothing and told her she made me feel bad. That was not me talking but the tired I am ready to go to damn bed I should have gotten off my lazy ass and made her a basket self. So this year I made up for it. I got her a woven willow basket and put the grass in the bottom and gave her two books (Nora Roberts a fav of hers) a movie (Beaches), and a butt load of chocolate and other candies. A little card said, "I owed you this one", and that was it. No love, no I miss you, no I would walk through HELL with a gasoline g-string for another chance with you. Just Shane. That's all that's left.

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