Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time, Time, Time

I have been getting plenty of time at work as of late and it's keeping my mind occupied. I did keep my boys last week for Spring break and we had a pretty good time. We went and watched Clash of The Titans in 3D and the boys really enjoyed it. I think what they enjoyed more was that their Uncle Mo-Mo was home from Iraq and they got to visit with him for a while. I told the boys that if all things line up in place this summer I will try and take them to see the space shuttle launch on the 29th of July. There are only about 4 left and I would really like for them to see one and I have never seen one in person so that would also be an experience for me. I have been walking a lot lately and getting out and trying to do more. A buddy of mine had a party over the weekend and I went over and cooked for everyone. It's been a while since I cooked for a large crowd and I forgot how much I really liked doing it. The food was good and everything turned out real well. I think I was the only "single" person there but it is something I will have to get used to. It was a fun evening with old friends so I enjoyed myself for a change. The boys games are starting back and they will be playing ball all the way up to school being let out for the summer. The boys both enjoy playing and I love to watch the youngest ones play. There is no ball hit that the whole field does not try and go get it!! On a side note I have lost 81 total lbs. and I am enjoying getting out and doing more. I wish I had done this years ago but it's better late that never. All I have got is TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. 81!! Papa Shane you are my HERO! :) Yayy for you! And for being the super chef and cooking for your friends. Glad things are going well darlin!

  2. So, despite my absence from your comments, I've been reading & am very HAPPY & PROUD of your progress...not to mention, the FANTASTiC dad you continue to be for your boys. :) ...I'm VERY JEALOUS of your future visit to the space launch! I have that on my bucket list, to see one in person. Have fun & such a COOL once in a lifetime experience for you all!

    KEEP UP the AWESOME work Papa Shane. :)

  3. You should be so proud of yourself...you've lost pratically a whole person!!! That's awesome!