Friday, March 12, 2010

New Beginning: Day 58

I have started something on my fridge at home to keep me motivated at the urging of a friend. I have "Why I Do It" written with those old timey magnetic alphabet letters. Along with that I have pictures of the boys up, a phrase I use all the time, and poems that keep me inspired. When I get it done I will take a picture of it and post it. I weighed in Monday and I am glad to announce that I have lost 51 pounds from the last I weighed and 71 from my heaviest. Woo Hoo. I can't keep my joggers up now. Every time I get up to go some where I have to have one hand holding on to my pants so no one sees the moon in the daytime. I thought I would start my Thankful List again so here is my thankful list for this Friday:

 1. Pepto Bismol (eat one wrong thing and you need it)
 2. Buy one get one half off Oil of Olay bodywash.
 3. Huey Lewis and The News
 4. Hulu
 5. Losing weight and being more active.
 6. Taking the boys to Chuck E Cheese.
 7. Friends and Family
 8. OT
 9. My boys
10. Fintune

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!!!!


  1. Holy crap Shane, you are just ROCKIN' the weight loss! :) I am so happy for youuuu! Gotta love the pants falling off thang. GO BUY NEW PANT!! Lol, yes, that's an order.

    Take it easy mister! *hugs*

  2. Way to go for the weight loss!! I love Huey Lewis as well, he Rocks!!