Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Begining: Day 36

Welp time is flying by now and I have been divorced for more than a month and the world is still rotating and I am still alive. I didn't die from heartache like I thought I would...came close a couple of times but no cigar. The boys and I have spent the last three days together because they were out of school for two days and then the Ex had court a couple of nights. They behaved pretty good and ate everything that wasn't tied down. I mean I bought a box of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls and they were gone in one day. Really a half a day. At least they were good and sugared up for their Mom. I also got a root canal on Tuesday and that sucked ass big time. I hate a toothache more than any other kind of pain. The whole left side of my face was throbbing like a mother huncher!!!! I called early that day and they worked me in. The first thing this girl done a x-ray and the dentist stop by and said mmmm....yep there it is and gave me a shot. An hour later he came by and started drilling and I was like WTF!!! He said mmmm...that's not numb yet? YA THINK!! Nah I'm just doing the chair dance for the hell of it!!! After about 12 (no lie) more shots it was finally numb enough to drill and fix. I hate going to the dentist but my tooth didn't hurt. UNTIL the novacaine wore off. Then I took two oxycodone to help. Well that was just a little more than I was used to taking and I got pretty hammered. That would have been alright but I was at work. So rapid boys on a Swiss Roll binge and a root canal. Could be worse.


  1. Hope your tooth feels better.. I really like it was JD said to you.. :)

  2. How sweet of JD. I'm glad there's someone to take care of you since all of us bloggin' buddies can't jump through the computer! ;) Hope the tooth fixin' is a relief...been there, done that, don't wanna go back!

    I've been anxious for an update on your weight loss challenge?!

    Keep in mind that you are a role model for those boys of yours - KFC & a box of Swiss Cake Rolls? Make sure you mix in some "good" eats, too... :)

    I'm SO PROUD of how WELL you've done through the first month of divorce. It takes time & you are a tough guy, hang in there...sunshine ahead...

  3. Things will get better! And definitely sunnier...spring is on it's way! Little Debbie rolls are the shit!